Unstuck in 15

With only 3 questions in 15 minutes I can help you get unstuck and gain the clarity you need to make your decision.

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Being stuck can cause a lot of stress. Here are a few people who got unstuck with 3 questions in 15 minutes:

Being stuck can feel agonizing or at the very least frustrating

You have the background and the context. You know the players. You may even have the answer, but sometimes it can be difficult to sift through it all. I can be an objective ear who provides a different perspective by asking the questions you need to get unstuck. Why 3 questions in 15 minutes? Time is precious. You have a major decision waiting to be made. The limit on questions combined with the time constraint forces you to not overthink things, and forces me to ask thoughtful, high caliber questions to get you unstuck as efficiently as possible.


I helped these people get unstuck with 3 questions in 15 minutes *Stories anonymized to protect privacy

About Miche

Miche has had a lifetime of facing challenging decisions. She spent her youth in a small town in Oklahoma then living abroad moving 6 times to 4 different countries in 10 years. She has had 7 career changes starting with being an art teacher. She met with hundreds of couples as a financial advisor. Her latest job was leading an animal health technology company with artificial intelligence at its core. She's gone back to being an entrepreneur building products and services that bring more moments of happiness in the lives of others. Research Miche holds a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta and draws on the theories examined in her master's capstone to develop the Unstuck in 15 decision making framework.

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